Frequently Asked Questions

1. Vena Amors +

Q: What does Vena Amors mean?
A : Vena Amors is Latin for “Vein of Love”. It was believed by the Ancient Egyptians that the fourth finger or ring finger, had a vein that stretched directly into the heart. This belief was later incorporated into popular traditions that we use today.
Q: What is Vena Amors?
A : Established in 2011, Vena Amors is a fine jewelry and certified diamond online retailer, manufacturer and design company.
Q: How and why should I buy Jewelry online from Vena Amors?
A : Vena Amors offers unparalleled customer service, a high standard of quality and offer only natural GIA certified center stones for sale. Our prices are often 40-60% lower than traditional jewelry stores; and our staff is not paid by commission. Vena Amors was started because it was too hard, conflicting and complicated for its founder to buy a quality engagement ring; we never want that to happen to anyone.
Q: Is buying jewelry from Vena Amors safe?
A : We employ an ultra-secure SSL site from start to finish to make sure your information is secure. We use industry leading fraud prevention tools and ship our products using the world’s leading carriers. We have been selling diamonds and fine jewelry since 2011 with an A+ rating from our customers.

2. Diamond and Jewelry Quality +

Q: What kind of diamonds do you sell?
A : Our center stones are GIA certified unless otherwise stated. We also use a best match process, to match the side diamonds with the center stone so there isn’t a noticeable difference between them. Our diamonds in other finished jewelry have a minimum I color and SI2 clarity.
Q: Do you sell plated, filled, costume or bridal jewelry?
A : We do not sell plated, filled, costume or bridal jewelry on We do not even sell sterling silver or 10K gold. We have a very strict standard to fine jewelry above our competition.
Q: Why can’t I find sterling silver for sale?
A : We currently don’t sell any stand-alone sterling silver items at Vena Amors.
Q: Where do you make your jewelry?
A: Our manufacturing facility is in Downtown Los Angeles.
Q: How do I resize my ring?
A : We offer a free one time resizing, but to prevent any delays or unnecessary resizing’s get your free sizing kit Here.
Q: How do I know the diamond is available when I order it?
A : We strive to ensure an accurate inventory, however it is possible two people order the same diamond at almost the same time. If your ordered diamond is not available at the time of order we will notify you immediately and our staff will help you locate a similar stone within your budget. In the rare event this happens to you, please Contact Us .
Q: How do I know the diamond I buy is not a “Blood Diamond”, is natural and ethically sourced?
A : Vena Amors supports and strictly abides by The Kimberley Process. We responsibly source our diamonds and only sell GIA certified loose diamonds. For more information about conflict free diamonds please visit

3. Returns and Exchanges +

Q: What happens if I need to return my item?
A : Please email us on the Contact Us page and choose the return option on the drop down menu. Most items quality for a 7 day return period; and that is extended for Amors Rewards Gold and Diamond members. Please see the Amors Rewards page for more information on extended rewards and other benefits.
Q: Could I exchange my item for something better?
A : Yes, if you bought it from us; most items qualify for our Trade-up program. Even if you did not get it from us, go to our Trade-in page and turn it in towards something you love.
Q: What is your return policy?
A : We have a 7-day return or exchange policy. Become a Gold or Diamond Amors Rewards member, and extend the return or exchange period to 15 and 30 days respectfully.
Q: When do I need to contact Vena Amors for a return?
A : If you have a return or exchange please Contact Us we are happy to help.
Q: What is excluded from your return policy?
A : Most items qualify for our return policy; however there are some exclusions. The most common are custom or customized jewelry, investment grade diamonds, gold bars or coins, items that have been damaged or altered.
Q: Can I return a gift?
A : Yes, we would gladly accept a gift as a return. Gifts are available for return within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a Vena Amors credit for the purchase amount.
Q: How do I ship my return and who pays for it?
A : After you have received an RMA from our returns department, please package your items securely in a box. We recommend shipping your item insured and using a trackable service. The customer is responsible for return shipping; if you don’t feel comfortable shipping the item yourself please contact us, we will arrange it for you and deduct the shipping cost from your return if applicable.
Q: How long does it take to process a return or exchange?
A : Most returns and exchanges are processed within 2 business days, however due to the nature of the return item, a return or exchange can take up to 21 business days to process.
Q: I need to return or exchange an item quickly, how can I rush a return?
A : After getting an RMA, you may ship an item back to us via Next day delivery; our processing return times don’t change but it will reduce the return transit time.

4. Pricing and Discounts +

Q: Where can I find discounts, special offers, promo or coupon codes?
A: Sign up to the Amors Rewards program here, for up to the minute discounts, special offers, full forum access and Amors Rewards information.
Q: Are there any on-going discounts available?
A : There is a bank-wire discount of 1% available at checkout.

5. International Orders +

Q: I don’t live in the United States, can I still order from you?
A : Yes, we sell to a large list of countries. Please see the International Ship List.
Q: What type of currencies do you accept?
A : Currently, we only accept U.S. Dollars. We are working to accept more currencies, please sign up to our mailing list, to be notified when we do.
Q: How do you ship your international orders?
A : Our international orders are shipped via multiple carriers, depending on the package size, value and location. Carriers include FedEx International Express, UPS International, USPS, DHL and many more.
Q: I live outside the United States, who is responsible for the customs fees, taxes, VAT and tariffs?
A : The buyer is responsible for all customs fees, duties and taxes. For reference, the value of the item listed is the purchase price.
Q: What countries do you sell and ship to?
A : We currently ship to over 80 countries, Please see the International Ship List.

6. Shipping +

Q: Who will deliver my order?
A : Our trusted courier will deliver your items. This may include, FedEX, UPS, USPS or an armored car service.
Q: Is my order protected and safe?
A : Yes, our packages are discreet, well packaged and carry door to door insurance.
Q: How long will it take to get my package?
A : Standard shipping is free, expedited options may be extra. Most orders are delivered in 1-7 business days. Check your email or log-in to your account to track your package.
Q: Do I have to be home to get my package?
A : Yes, in most cases, a direct signature is required. However, if you know you will miss a delivery, please contact us for other arrangements, including a designated pick-up location.
Q: What do I do if I missed my delivery?
A: In most cases, the driver will attempt two more deliveries. If you miss the third attempt, the package will be available at a local distribution center for two days before being returned to us. Check your email or log-in to your account to track your package.
Q: Do I pay for sales tax on my order?
A : Currently, only customers in Illinois are subject to a 6.25% sales tax.
Q: How can I track my order?
A: Check your email or log-in to your account to track your package.

7. Payments and Financing +

Q: What payment methods can I use?
A : We currently accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank-wire transfers. There is a bank-wire discount of 1% available at checkout.
Q: Can I apply for financing to pay for my order?
A : Currently we don’t offer direct financing but you are welcome to apply for PayPal Credit before or during checkout.
Q: Can I split payments on my purchase?
A: Yes, please contact us by phone for split payment purchases.

8. Warranty and Insurance +

Q: What is the warranty on my item?
A: Most items carry a 1 year limited warranty*. Check out the Vena Amors Warranty.
Q: Does my purchase come with insurance?
A: No, but we recommend using Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to insure your jewelry.
Q: Can I purchase an extended warranty?
A: We currently don’t offer any extended warranties for sale; however you can extend your limited warranty by being a Gold or Diamond Amors Rewards member. You may also purchase Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

9. Trade-in’s and Trade-up’s +

Q: What is the difference between a trade-in and a trade-up?
A : A no obligation Trade-in is free, easy and involves an item that was not purchased from us or that doesn’t qualify for the Trade-up program. The Trade-up program is designed for previous customers that want to upgrade their diamond, jewelry or engagement ring purchases. Log-in to your account and see your order history to activate a trade-up.
Q: What can I Trade-in?
A : We accept ALL gold and platinum jewelry, even broken or damaged. We also accept Diamonds and gemstones; chipped, loose or in jewelry. Start your free Trade-in now!
Q: How do I get paid when I Trade-in?
A : Upon appraisal we will send you a link by email and update your account with trade-in information. There you can choose if you want a check, direct deposit, PayPal transfer or get a bonus towards a Vena Amors credit.
Q: Is there a charge to trade-in my items?
A : No, trading your items in is free, the shipping to us is free and if you don’t like the offer, the shipping back to you is free. Our trade-in packs are automatically insured for $5000, just let us know if it’s worth more. Start your free Trade-in now!
Q: What if I change my mind or don’t get what I expect?
A : Don’t like the trade-in offer, just hit decline in your account or in the email and we will send your items back, no obligation!
Q: How do Trade-ups work?
A : The Vena Amors Trade-up Program offers the ability for previous customers to upgrade their jewelry while receiving the full value they paid, towards the purchase of a new similar item. The new item must be 50% more in price. For example: you previously purchased an engagement ring from Vena Amors for $5000. 2 years later, you decide to Trade-up your ring for a new one that is $7500. You send in your ring for free with an express label provided you for free and pay the difference of $2500. Once we have received and processed your trade-up we will send you your new upgraded item. If you have previously purchased something on your account you may check your order history to see if you can Trade-up that item.
See your Order History and start your Trade-up now.
Q: Can I trade-up anything?
A : Any piece of jewelry or certified loose diamond originally purchased for $1000 or more can be traded-up.* Gold coins, gold bars and damaged or items altered by anyone other than Vena Amors do not qualify for the Trade-Up program, however they still may be traded-in.

10. Investments.+

Q: What is an investment grade diamond?
A : An investment grade diamond traditionally refers to Round Brilliant diamonds that have a FL/IF clarity and a D, E, F color. They also traditionally have an excellent cut, polish and symmetry. Search for your Investment Grade Diamond.
Q: Are investments guaranteed?
A : No, investments are not guaranteed and you may lose money. All investments involve risk – investing in gold and silver bullion coins, bars and rounds are no exception. We offer no opinion on investments and no guarantee is implied, nor shall we be responsible for any loses. See the full Vena Amors Use of Site Agreement
Q: Can I return my diamonds, gold coins and bars if they lose money?
A : There is no return or exchange policy for Investment grade diamonds, gold coins or bars.