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by mattykolej
Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:44 am
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Topic: Do you spy on your children's phone?
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Do you spy on your children's phone?

Here is a simple question, do you spy on your children's phone? And if you don't, what do you think about parents who practice it? I myself only spy facebook messages but I know that some parents check out incoming and outcoming calls, messages and even track the location.
by mattykolej
Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:54 pm
Forum: Buy only diamonds
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Hope they accept cryptocurrency. Since I have device I got some. That's so easy: order, get it, plug and earn. A mobile app helps to follow rates and other things. Well, I can, of course, to get cashout simply by if they take crypto, it's very good.
by mattykolej
Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:13 pm
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Topic: Lampshades.
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Re: Lampshades.

The sphere of application of glass lampshades is quite wide, so the production of glass lampshades in the shape of a ball is so diverse. There are shiny spherical shades of Czech glass with a perfectly smooth surface. The spheres, assembled from glass crystals, look quite originally. These shades lo...
by mattykolej
Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:53 am
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Topic: Investing in loose diamonds
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Re: Investing in loose diamonds

Good evening everyone. Topbrokers is the best broker I have tried so far. The main reason behind it is the timely payment. Secondly, the service is quite fast and reliable. After using this, I even can't think of moving to other brokers. If you want to invest in order to make money, then I definitel...
by mattykolej
Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:44 pm
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Topic: Bitcoin payments
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Bitcoin payments

Some sellers accept only bitcoin payments and I really can't sort things out. I'm reading the info on this site for the third time and still can't understand how this security thing works...Can anybody help me please, maybe explain this shit to me, we could have a talk about it...